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Meet Tiny

The Domestic
Fredericton SPCA - Nancy Garon(foster mom) Fredericton

Tiny was dropped off at the Fredericton SPCA in a box with another cat.  The shelter thought it was office supplies until they heard the box meowing. His weight was 30lbs.2oz.  You can visit Tiny on his facebook  page "Tiny's Weight Loss Challenge" and be his friend. Tiny is educating the public about obesity issues. Cats can lose weight with proper diet and exercise. Through the challenge he gets weighed  every Tuesday which has been nicknamed "Tiny Tuesday".  He is now at 21 lbs. 9.5oz. His diet started in January 2012. He has been on CNN and a lot of other news programs, several news article all over the world .  There is fund raiser for Tiny at the shelter to help for his medical needs and other animals at the shelter who are in need of medical assistance. Tiny is doing remarkably well on his weight loss. He is an inspiration for a lot of overweight cats.  AMAZING PERSONALITY. Even if you are not a cat lover you would fall for this cat.

Sir Tiny
Loves to play, chase lazer light, loves people. Loves the camera. Loves to rub his head against yours.Lives with a bulldog which Tiny loves to torment. Great entertainment.
The car but getting better
Favorite Foods
Med-ical low cal diet is my diet but I do love a little treat of tuna juice and a little chicken. Tiny is on a strict diet being seen once a month by a vet.
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds

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