Weekly Winner

Meet Tom Tom

The Feral Tabby
Rhonda Barry Port Au Port East, NL Canada

Tom Tom was a male  Feral Stray Cat that I rescued from outside around 2 years ago. He was injured and needed medical attention, to his right eye which  was ulcerated from fighting, and all 4 fangs removed as they were infected. He took awhile  getting  use to me, and all the other kitties in my household, but trust me completly now. and is the Boss when it comes to the other cats. not sure of his age, we are guessing over 9.  He is doing Great today <3

Over 9
Tom or old man
soft food, being the boss, toy mouse, and me.
the cold, Other kitties getting all the attention, and being told no
Favorite Foods
Friskies Pate
Favorite Pastimes
lying on top of me while I sleep, and Drooling on me, and toy mouse.

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