Weekly Winner

Meet Tripod

The Tabby
Julie Corvallis, OR

Tripod is an independent ol' cat. We are not sure how old he is but hes past 10 for sure. He came to us after being passed from owner to owner and eventually was known as the neighborhood cat with three legs (aka Stumpy or Three). One day after a run I witnessed him being attacked by a dog. I swept him up and got him the care he needed. After spending a week on the couch recouperating  and in our care he was bonded to us for life! Tripod is a tomcat who loves all people!

Mowface Magoo, Katty Patty
warm sunny spots, being outside, star wars, treats, chasing things
dogs of any size or breed, being told I can't go outside, mean people
Favorite Foods
ham, cream, soft food and treats
Favorite Pastimes
napping inside, napping outside, sitting in chairs, catching mice and rabbits

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