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Meet Tuxie

The Domestic medium haired
Carla Snell Brooklyn, New York/ SugarLand, TX

Tuxie is the world's most famous earless cat!  His looks are a result of neglect in treatment of ear mites.  He developed hematomas which is when the blood vessels in the ear pinna burst from scratching or head shaking.  His, then, "owners" dumped him at NY ACC and he was on the "list".  He was pulled hours before his turn and fostered for almost a year.  His foster mom took great care of him and did everything to care for his damaged ears.

When I found his Facebook page I fell in love!  He has the biggest eyes!  Long story short and 2 surgeries later I flew him from New York to Houston on November 1, 2011 and he was officially adopted by me.  We have been together for over a year now.

I hope his story will show everyone the importance of basic medical care!  His ears were removed due to the amount of pain he was in and the potential for cancer in the damaged canals.  He did not have to go through this.  It could have all been avoided with simple, basic pet care!  

He can still hear though!  Open a can of food to find out!

Tux Tux, Tuxalicious, The Baby!
Chasing his brother and sisters, nip from Germany, noms
being held too long, ear area being messed with, mean people who abuse AND/OR neglect animals, ear mites
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast, crunchies (chips, dry food, treats), latkes, glazed doughnuts
Favorite Pastimes
belly rubs, toe massages, Temptations, catnip frenzies, playing with little sister Eva, napping, nomming

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