Weekly Winner

Meet Vixi

The Domestic Medium Hair/ Tabby
Katie Guelph

Vixi is always on the hunt for new adventures. She loves to stalk birds, spiders, crickets and flies. She loves to play in the sink and is fascinated by running water. Her big brother, Tubs, has taught her all of his tricks. She loves to boss her housemates around, especially the dogs. She's very talkative and loves treats! Her favorite toys are re-usable grocery bags, strings, her new water fountain and a toy called da-bird. She is always challenging herself to jump as high as she can -

Schnicklefritz, VixiCAT
Strings, birds, jumping
Candles, vacuum
Favorite Foods
Everything, including cinnamon cookies & hot peppers
Favorite Pastimes
Jumping at "things" on the wall

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