Weekly Winner

Meet Willow

The Long Haired Maine Coon Mix
Bob and Kim Lehan Racine, WI

My name is Willow. I am a long-hair Calico from the Maine Coon family. I was adopted from a Humane Society in Illinois eight years ago. At the time I had recently had my first (and only) litter of kittens and was in a foster home full of dogs. As soon as my offspring were weaned and adopted, my new owner was notified that I could be rescued. He had never seen me in person, just my picture, but he had already decided we were meant for each other. When the day came, I was ready. It was love at

Willers, Mrs. Whiskers
I enjoy long naps, getting my beautiful coat brushed, getting my top of my nose rubbed, cat treats and pet grass.
an empty food bowl and having my nap interupted when I was having a good dream.
Favorite Foods
Canned tuna
Favorite Pastimes
Doing "speeders" around the house, tormenting my sister, but she starts it.

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