Weekly Winner

Meet Xander

The Domestic Shorthair - black
Rachel Gruen Eagleville, PA

Xander is a handsome, gentle, and loving man who gives a good name to black cats everywhere, and he also has an incredible rescue story!  Xander was legally saved from a research laboratory in January 2014.  He lived for three years in a tiny cage in a laboratory, being used for research tests.  He now has an incredible free life, which you can follow at http://www.facebook.com/xanderthelabcat!

Xany, Xan-Man, Xander McXanderson
Snuggling with and grooming his cat brothers, playing laser and string, enjoying meal and treat times, and being carried around the house so he can survey his kingdom!
When he wants to play and there is no one to switch the laser on for him. But don't worry, he meows to make his displeasure known,and his humans always give in to give him a helping hand. :)
Favorite Foods
Natural Balance dry food, Weruva and Halo wet food, and any type of cat treats! No, really, anything--he will be there the instant he hears a crinkly bag.
Favorite Pastimes
Napping with his brothers, watching cat TV (birds and squirrels outside the window!), and catching tiny bugs. He is a master hunter!

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