Weekly Winner

Meet Zuzu Alexandria Arabelly

The domestic short hair tabby
Genevieve Liss Menominee Falls Wisconsin
This is Zuzu Alexandria Arabelly she is almost 13 months olds. Zuzu has radial agenesis which affects the way she walks. Her front paws are bent near the elbow and due to her front paws being weak her back legs are extremely over developed. Zuzu has made us realize that special needs animals are just as good as any other animal. Zuzu has more than exceeded our expectations for her. She can do almost everything our other cats can do and if need be she improvises. She's an amazing little girl.
13 months
Zuzu Belle, Baby Belly, Scalliwag
Milk rings, cat grass, cat trees, playing with her brother and sister
Strangers and loud noises
Favorite Foods
Blue Winderness Duck, Fancy Feast Appetizers
Favorite Pastimes
Climbing her cat trees, Cuddling with her brother and sister, and kneading her fuzzy red blanket

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