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Pioneer Pet Launches SmartCat Lightweight Clumping Litter

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Pioneer Pet® is excited to announce the launch of SmartCat® Lightweight Clumping Litter. Our litter was tested to outperform other lightweight litters in today’s market. SmartCat Lightweight Clumping Litter makes rock hard clumps! You have to see it to believe it.
Pioneer Pet believes that you shouldn’t have to inhale dust whenever you pour or scoop litter. Since SmartCat Lightweight Clumping Litter is 99% dust free, your litter box and surrounding area will be cleaner and healthier. Our litter eliminates odors because it absorbs liquids and clumps so quickly that odors don’t even have a chance to release into the air. Light in weight but strong in performance, it works so well our process is patent pending.
“I am very excited about the SmartCat clay coated litter launch,” said Nancy Schmid, Director of Business Development. “Even though we weigh about 50% less than other clay litters, we have not sacrificed the most important attribute of clay— the clumping power! With rock-hard clumping power, SmartCat clay coated litter works as good as clay, without the weight and without the dust. We believe that once cat owners try it, they will not go back to regular clay clumping litters.”
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