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Plant Pattern Covers Stop Cats and Dogs from Digging in Potted Plants and Getting into Trash Cans. 

Plant Pattern Covers is an adjustable Fabric Cover that fits round Flowerpots and round, oval and rectangle Trash Cans. The adjustable center ring opens to fit around already potted plants without damaging plant stems and the elastic bottom part of the covers uses snaps to adjust the cover to fit 6" to 20" Round Flower Pots and Containers and 2 gallon to 40 gallon Trash Cans.   Plant Pattern Covers comes in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and extra large).  Larger sizes can be special ordered

Simply put the cover over your potted plants to stop your pets from digging in and removing the dirt from your plants.  Plant Pattern Covers can be used for Indoor Plants as well as Patio and Outdoor Plants.  Use Plant Pattern Covers on your Kitchen and Bathroom Trashcans to stop your cats and dogs from making a mess.

 Plant Pattern Covers are offered 10 different Pattern styles designed to fit the customer’s personal style.  Alternative Patterns can also be special ordered.   

Plant Pattern Covers offers an alternative to using fake moss, rocks and various other materials to cover your plant soil.  The covers are made of 100% cotton material and are machine washable/air dry and are manufactured in the USA.

Plant Pattern Covers, LLC is a member of the WPA and the APPA. 

Plant Pattern Covers is a stylish Way to Stop Your Pets’ Dirty Habits.

Plant Pattern covers is available for purchase through our website

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