“Sushi” by munchiecat is a plush sushi cat toy set made for cats with exquisite taste. Your kitties will love this colorful 8-pc set which includes four maki rolls with bells, and four nigiri sushi toys infused with potent catnip. These sushi themed cat toys are perfectly sized for batting and carrying around to provide hours of entertainment for your feline friend, and even comes in a bento-style gift box making it a great gift for your cat loving friend!  

Munchiecat’s sushi toys are made with felt and designed to look just like real sushi. Part decor, part toy, this plush catnip-infused sushi set will stimulate your cat’s natural playfulness and satisfy their sophisticated side! Treat your kitty to some catnip sushi toys today! 

Munchiecat’s Story: Let’s face it. You’ve been to pet stores. How many pet toys can be called beautiful? We wanted to make safe and tasteful cat toys designed for cats and their humans. And so munchiecat was born.

We decided the start with sushi because even the grumpiest and aloofest (yeah, that’s a word) of cats deserve better than cheap plastic balls and rubber mice. Months of brainstorming, emails, phone calls, samples, tests, feedback sessions with our feline consultants, tons of support from friends, family and our Kickstarter backers…. and here we are!

We are currently working on more delicious food-themed toys to add to our product line! Thank you to everyone who has supported our start-up along the way. We are always grateful for your enthusiasm and words of encouragement and hope to continue to bring joy to the lives of kitties and fellow cat-lovers all over the world.

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