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Did that story grab your attention? Find out more about Purrified Air!

The Problem
Dealing with litter box odor, you’ve likely tried it all: sprays, filter pads, ten different kinds of litter, opening doors and windows until you have heated or cooled your neighborhood. Yet your home still suffers from COS, or Cat Odor Syndrome. Okay, we made that up (but if the drug manufacturers can make up new illnesses, we can too). And even if you don’t notice it anymore, even if you clean the box twice a day, you can still see it on your visitors’ faces when they walk through the door.

The Solution
How about a Patent Pending solution that once and for all solves the problem? A solution that will keep that new significant other inside that door, instead of running for the hills. The Purrified Air covered litter box air filter employs five-stage air filtration, using a combination cutting-edge and tried-and-true technologies.

The Technology
We don’t have enough room here to do justice to explaining the technology employed in the product (details at Suffice it to say that the 2.5 pounds of carbon, zeolite, catechin, and ceramic ionic balls, along with a dust prefilter, dwarfs that of filter media used elsewhere. Our proprietary blend of this filter media specifically addresses the odors, dander, dust, allergens and bacteria associated with cat litter and cat waste.

Nor do we have room here to tell you about the testing we conducted with a snazzy high-tech gauge which measures the parts per million of ammonia (urine) odor in air, before and after the filter was used (details also at Instead, know that not one our cat-owning friends and relatives to whom we loaned a unit for testing has returned it. I mean, come on people.

We have designed the filter to be adaptable to the great majority of covered litter boxes, even dome- shaped ones. We have done this, instead of designing our own, because we know how difficult it can be to find the right box for you and your cat(s). Plus, you can save a few bucks!

The Deal
If you are a multi-litter box household, we offer discounts for multiple purchases. Guess where for details? Filter cartridges last 4-7 months. Sign up for the automatic refill program and save a few more bucks.

Many people ask: Does this mean I don’t have to clean my litter box as often? We won’t tell if you don’t.

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