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Quick way to more cats on your computer

Meowser.me gives you what you really want

Not enough cats on the internet for you? We hear you. Finally, someone has stepped up to address this problem with a nifty desktop application that allows you to replace all (yes, all) of the images in your web browser to cats. Simply go to meowser.me and add the extension to your browser, visit the cat-less page of your choice, and click the app to see all of the boring non-cat photos magically turn into ones with cats! It’s the best miracle ever, perfect if you are tired of seeing your friend’s new baby dominate your Facebook feed or if you simply need a little feline pick me up. You can even submit your own photo for possible inclusion in the app's cat image rotation by tweeting your photo to @meowserme. Here's to all cats, all the time!

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