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Rascal Cats Up to No Good!

Cats. They’re sleek, majestic, often hilarious. And their cute faces belie the trouble they can get up to. Only cat owners know the true mischief our house panthers can get into–until now. Bored Panda compiled photographic proof of cats causing chaos for the people they love, and the results are hilarious. We can’t get enough of these.

This cat was told to keep off the counters – just look at the defiance in its eyes!

Courtesy of Reddit user pickles-and-mayo

I will rummage through the garbage all I like!

Courtesy of Twitter user @yeefi

Imagine gathering in the break room for your birthday to this sweet little present.

Courtesy of Reddit user devofatherofchar

Proving that we’ve all had enough virtual meetings this year!

Courtesy of Reddit user TheLoxFox

“Turned my back for a second…” This cat decided to season the rice.

Courtesy of Reddit user Funkofairy

What a gymnast!

Courtesy of Imgur user BurritoWorld

The ideal nap spot? Your person’s to go salad. It’s important that one eats one’s greens – and gets enough sleep!

Courtesy of Reddit user kenlayne

In her defense, she probably thought she was saving him.

Courtesy of Reddit user ExtensiveNegligence

Just giving a little extra steep.

The cutest sleep paralysis creature of your nightmares!

See the rest here.

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  • Trish AW

    Cats being cats – just the way we love them πŸ’–

  • Sally Pina

    I just love the cat sleeping on that guy’s face! Talk about a protector πŸ™‚

  • Donna Wood

    I love the kitty sleeping on his humans face. What an honor πŸŽ– even if you don’t want itπŸ˜‚

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