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Reclaiming ” Cat Lady” Minus the Crazy (for most of us)!

Crazy Cat Lady is Now Awesome Cat Lady!

cat ladyAccording to one online urban dictionary, the term “crazy cat lady” refers to ‘an elderly suburban widow who lives alone and keeps dozens or more pet cats–usually many more than municipal code allows–in a small house, and refuses to give away or sell them even for the sake of the safety of the cats or herself.” Another definition reads, “Someone who can’t seem to get a date…or anything. From gifts to memes to action figures to Halloween costumes to characters on popular TV shows, the so-called “crazy cat lady”

I’ve heard from a few cat ladies that they were unsure about adopting at first for fear of being judged or teased. There more than a million cats euthanized each year so if women-and-men-are afraid to adopt because of stereotypes, it definitely hurts cats in the long run.

There is a shift celebrating and embracing a love of cats is certainly a shift in the right direction. The stereotype is changing, the label loosening. Rather than “crazy” proceeding cat lady, we’re starting to see words like “awesome” and other upbeat adjectives used. This also means that companies have started making super adorable cat products, which we can now proudly display along with the love for our kitties!

Celebrate being a proud awesome “Cat Lady” with these fun products:


This super cute cat shaped dish, which also comes in an oval option is made out of solid top-quality beech wood. Perfect for your lunch or party dessert tray. Get one for just $19.99, click here!

You want this toy in your and your cat’s life! It is also a picture frame. Made with a spring that will keep your cat interesting in playing with time and time again with premium felt covered toys. This base is made out of real wood too. Save $5 today and get this for just $14.99, click here!

Deck your kitchen out with beautiful cat cups, mugs, dishes from the Angel bowl like this mini kitty bowl and plate combo that is just $18.99, get yours now!

Now it’s time to be a proud ‘cat lady’, you are a socially conscious protector of a very vulnerable population.



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  • Rosie Lavertue

    I am definitely a Crazy Cat Lady , Ya know how i know The people at the grocery store call me that But in a cute way Just by my shopping they smile and say “So your spoiling Asia again and they smile Saying you love your cat so much i can tell 😉

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