With less than a year in the market, Intersand’s ODOURLOCK is already taking its place in the vast category of cat litter. This first and only “Ultra premium” cat litter available in the market is perfect for cat owners who are looking for a very effective dual action odour control (40-day up) added to a true 99.9% dust free.

About the odour control, ODOURLOCK contains an exclusive technology called ‘’Smart Odour Shield’’ that prevents the urine to change into ammonia which is often the main cause of foul odours in the litter bins. 

On the dust side, ODOURLOCK is made in a facility equipped with state of the art equipment that takes out most (if not all) the volatile dust found in the clay making it a true 99.9% dust free cat litter (Many companies are saying 99.9% dust free on their packaging but it is not always the truth).

In order to prove their entire confidence in the product, the company says on their marketing tools: ‘’Dare to compare this product and see the difference for yourself’’ this means a lot on the confidence they have about their new ODOURLOCK plus, it is satisfaction guaranteed! 

ODOURLOCK bears the www.safe4mycat.com which is available for companies who understands the importance of informing customers in terms of clumping clay litter product safety, performance and the eco-conscious practices used.

ODOURLOCK clumping cat litter is sold in pet specialty stores only. For more information about this product visit www.intersand.com or just type ‘’ODOURLOCK’’ in the You Tube browser for videos on the product