For decades, cat owners have had few choices in the toy section, with the same tired toys lining the shelves. Let’s face it: mice and birds are just dated.

What’s a trendy cat owner to do?

Meet Seeka Designs; we are a new cat toy company bursting onto the scene faster than your cat blasts through your bedroom at 3 a.m.

We’re beginning with our flagship product: The Original Donut available in pink or teal. The toy, measuring approximately 4 inches in diameter, elicits smiles and laughs in the paws of a playful cat. Each donut is handmade with eco-friendly wool blend felt, decorated with custom printed fabric, and stuffed with a blend of recycled fiberfill and 100% certified organic catnip. Our products and materials are 100% American made.

Kitty certainly gets a treat. But buyers get a warm, fuzzy feeling too; Seeka donates a portion of proceeds to no-kill cat rescues.

Try a donut—treat your cat.