Hailing from Philadelphia and with Siamese heritage


The Snowshoe is a rare breed that originated in Philadelphia in the 1960’s, when a Siamese breeder’s cat gave birth to three kittens with white feet. These uniquely-marked Siamese cats were then bred with American Shorthairs and other bi-coloured breeds.


Today’s Snowshoe coat colour is pointed with a light body colour with darker ears, face, legs, and tail. This breed has a distinguishable white inverted V-shaped marking on the front of their face. As a result of a recessive gene, their namesake white feet are part of what makes this breed rather unique. Their front paws are nicknamed ‘mittens’ and their back legs as ‘boots’. Snowshoe kittens are normally born with a fully white coat, with their colouring and markings developing several weeks later. Their coats can be a variety of different colours, similar to that of a Siamese. The piercing blue eyes of the Snowshoe is another distinctive visual characteristic of theirs.


Snowshoe cats are known to choose one person in the home they bond with and like to spend their time with. They are a very friendly breed and get along great with people and other pets in the home. Due to their social nature, they do not like to be left home alone and prefer to have the company of someone at most times. Similar to their Siamese heritage, Snowshoe cats tend to be quite vocal. On average, they live anywhere from 14 to 19 years of age.


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Snowshoe cat laying down

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