Square Paws                                           Mario Arbore, founder  

Started in Feb, 2014                               Artist and Architect

Located in Viera, Florida                         47 years old

Phone: 844-577-7297                              Bachelor of Architecture,

Email: sales@squarepaws.com               Syracuse University, 1991

Facebook: squarepaws

Twitter: @SqPaws

Instagram: square_paws

Square Paws is a product design and manufacturing firm specializing in the design and fabrication of uniquely creative pet habitats, and it sprouted from the architectural work of Mario Arbore.  After more than 24 years in architecture in New York, 15 of which were dedicated to creating and building his own firm, Mario is listening to a whole different species of client: cats.

His first foray into this venture was creating a “lighthouse” for his own three cats: Bella, Ciccio and Lana.  Standing over 9 feet tall and measuring 36” in both width and depth, this piece is a favorite of his felines.  “Ciccio (pronounced CHEE-chyo) and Lana both vie for the top spot,” he says, “but one of them ultimately has to settle for a spot on the ‘walkabout.’”

Square Paws’ philosophy is that pet furniture should be as much an asset to one’s home décor as a good armchair or a piece of art.  And these are certainly not the typical beige boxes made for cats that people tend to tuck away in corners, out of sight from guests.  They’re clearly intended to be conversation pieces.   From iconic, architectural designs to oversized shoes to giant flowers, his work always brings a sense of whimsy to the design.  The towers range in price from $350 to $1,800, and Mario says it depends mostly on the time and detail that goes in to the various designs.

While only a company of one right now, he is refining a business plan and is working on putting together a production and distribution team to get his designs into the homes of discerning pet owners.  And, while his work is solely feline-oriented currently, he plans to branch out to doggie beds, birdcages, and other pet-related “shelters.”  In addition, a key part of the plan is to donate 10% of net profits to agencies dedicated to animal rescue and refuge.

For more designs and information, check out squarepaws.com and let them know if they can make a unique pet habitat for you!