Breakfast at Tiffany’s is returning to Broadway, and the crucial role of Holly Golightly’s feline friend has become the talk of the town. The role requires a feline that is not afraid of stage lights and clapping audiences, plus is willing to sit, stay and exit on cue (because they LOVE taking direction). Unlike dogs, cats have not been bred to be obedient to human commands, and asking an actress to whip out a spray bottle to discourage a errant kitty can really damage the integrity of a period piece.

To this end, directors often block the scene to work around the cat. They also recruit Babette Corelli, who has trained 90 rescue cats for the stage, choosing them for their unflappable natures. The cats are trained using clickers and ample rewards (food, toys, affection) in the hopes when the curtain rises, they will be ready for their role.