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String Theory – String Cat Toys

Get your play on with these nifty, cat-approved string toys

Butterfly Wand Toy from Nekoflies

This super adorable butterfly wand toy comes with a 41" long string that allows your cat to get a really great workout while chasing this fluttery and sparkly toy. $11,

Raffia Catnip Toy from Hagen

This eco-friendly raffia and catnip toy is an awesome toy for the environmentally conscious cat owner. The long string allows for you to throw this ball far across your house, getting your cats attention and encouraging lots of energetic play! $10,

Feather and Catnip Toy from Kong

This toy has it all! Crinkle paper, feathers and catnip on a fun wand! Great for hunting and tracking, your cat will love hunting this all-in-one teaser toy. $8,

Design4Paws’ Tropical Flower Wand

The fluttering petals of this wand will entice and delight any cat! Design4Paws’ Tropical Flower Wand is resembles a beautiful bouquet—one that your cat will love chasing and hunting! $26,

Spool String Toy from Petstages

This simple spool toy is a hit with cats! Infused with catnip, it will entice your cat for hours. Your cat will love chasing the string and batting the spool about. $4,

Doorknob Toy from Petlinks

This mouse will drive your cats wild! Hang the toy from a doorknob and the battery operated mouse flips his tail all around. This great toy will keep your cat playing for hours on end!

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