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Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter


During the holiday period my mom has a lot of guests over so I always like to be looking my best! This is super easy with Made By Cleo’s adorable collars and bowties. The tartan pattern is a favourite of mine to ensure I’m always the center of attention!—Luna the Cat (From $23,


Let the Open-Air Litter Robot do the dirty work for you! This automatic, self-cleaning litter box separates the waste from clean litter, while you reap the real rewards of cat ownership: cuddles!—Connie ($450,


I always ensure my cat has the most stylish accessories but sometimes I need something pretty too! Carrie Cramer’s beautifully handcrafted jewelry is perfect for this. With options for gold, rose gold, silver, and diamonds, there’s a piece to suite everyone’s taste. She also just launched an awesome new line with renowned vet Dr. Lisa. Love it!—Alice (Starting at $195,


I’m always looking for ways to pamper my kitty princess, and this Luna Cat collar from Madison Maude is perfect for adding some sparkle, while still including safety features like a quick-release buckle. The added bell makes it even better!—Natalie ($35,


I travel a lot and even on a short trip I missed my cat Buddy until I bought a pet-peeps CatCam. Now I can see, hear and talk remotely to him on my Smartphone and iPad—no matter where in the world I am—and he loves hearing my voice.—Jessica ($100,


Keep your cat comfy when travelling. I believe our furry friends love familiarity (think keeping their scent with them) so we rely on a Horizon Chill Pad when we visit our friends and relatives. Love the stripes and colours.—Connie ($29,


Canvas Catnip Kickers by Bruce And Fox Designs are fun and the sushi prints fashionable. My cat can’t get enough of these handmade ‘nip kickers stuffed with an organically grown blend of catnip and silver vine.—Jane ($15,


Designed for both sleep and play, this cat basket from Dharma Dog and Karma Cat is perfect for my cat to hide in, nap, and curl up. Cats love these! (You can throw toys in it too.)—Alice (From $60,


My furry buddies love their hand-crocheted blanket by CanineCoziesBlanket and I love that they cuddle up with it on the sofa—it keeps fur off the furniture. Plus, the more you wash it, the softer it gets.—Laura ($12,


I’m obsessed with the adorable Pan Dulce Cat Plushes from Fierce Fantasy Designs! Cats love playing with them but let’s be honest, I totally bought them for myself. Just look at those cute little faces!—Jennifer ($31,


I love wearing black, but it shows all of my cat’s fur! Lilly Brush saved my clothing from catastrophe with their portable pill, lint and hair remover, which comes in a sleek case so I can carry it everywhere.—Linda ($13,


My kitties go bonkers for wild Alaskan salmon treats! These freeze-dried salmon “rings” are free of added hormones and antibiotics, grains, and gluten. And that makes them guilt free! Plus, family-owned raw pet food leader Vital Essentials has added fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) for healthy skin and coat and vital nutrients.—Jane (From $18,


My cat looks so warm and cozy inside her Woolie’s Cat Igloo. Made with soft, fleece lining, the igloo is a great safe haven for her, and machine washable. I want one for myself!—Cecilia ($90,

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