1 In search of a high-performance, sustainable litter? Made with sustainable bamboo fibers, Rufus & Coco’s Wee Kitty Bamboo Odor Control Litter is ultra-absorbent, fast-clumping, easy to scoop, and has great odour control. Plus, the paw-friendly pellets mean less litter tracking and low dust!—Anna (from $20, rufusandcoco.com) 

2 Winter wardrobe update! Show off your love of cats with this super-cute, ultra-soft Love My Cat Beanie from MyThreeCats.com!—Simran($21, mythreecats.com)

3 Your adventure cat will travel in style with the Kittyrama Caravan Carrier and Hideaway! This chic, easy-to-clean carrier boasts four openings, detachable handles, an expandable awning, and self-locking zippers for a comfortable and safe journey.—Mina ($63, kittyrama.com)

Photp viatlanka yanka/bigstock.comPhoto Sviatlanka Yanka/bigstock.com

4 Forget the pain of unexpected vet bills or having to weigh care versus cost. Nationwide pet insurance plans allow you to see any vet at any time, and get your money back on eligible vet bills!—Connie (plans start at $35 a month, petinsurance.com

5 For my trio of indoor cats, I make sure real meat is the first ingredient in their food. The Grain-Free Indoor Cat Food from Intrepid is made with fresh chicken, peas, and flaxseed, along with antioxidant-rich additions like dried cranberries.—Yaunna ($6 per bag, intrepidpet.com)

6 If you love feline rescue and adoption stories,Curling Up with Cats: True Stories of Feline Rescue and Adoptions will warm your heart. This collection of 38 wonderful real-life short stories of second chances is a delight.—Linda ($12, lorensreadingroom.com)

7 Next Gen Pet’s Green Tea Fresh is an all-natural, earth-friendly cat litter made from wood scrap (no clay or bentonite) and green tea powder, which naturally suppresses bacteria and controls odour. This healthy, low dust, superior-clumping litter will be loved by both you and your cat!—Rosie ($16, nextgenpet.com)

8 Update your wardrobe with cute cat stuff! Featuring adorable cat-themed designs, the BOBS from Skechers collection is cute, comfy, and stylish—and gives back to shelter animals in need via a partnership with Petco Love!—Jennifer (from $45, bobsfromskechers.com)

9 With Magoo and His Magic Poo, author Howie Ronay and illustrator Michael Harring have created a hilarious and charming children’s book for all ages. Magoo uses his special “talent” to help save puppies from a puppy mill, foster unlikely friendships, and inspire kindness and silliness.—Constance ($10, magooandhismagic.com)

10 Incredible gift idea: a custom cat portrait. Award-winning artist Debbie Sampson of Art Sports creates original oil paintings or pencil artwork pieces from personal photos. Get 25% off a custom commission using code SAVE25!—Cecilia (from $95, artsports.com)

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