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Stuff We Love—Fall/Winter 2017

Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter

Fuchsia Whiskered Cat Umbrella

I’m a sucker for anything with a cat on it, so I love the wide variety of products in the Laurel Burch collection from My Three Cats. Clothing, accessories, and jewellery all come emblazoned with the colourful and eye-catching artwork of Laurel Burch. Living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, I especially love the Fuchsia Whiskered Cat Umbrella. —Jen ($25,


Is your cat bored? Not with Shru! Shru automatically responds to your cat’s play by mimicking a small animal’s erratic movements and sounds. It turns on and off automatically throughout the day to keep your cat entertained while you’re away, and is rechargeable by USB!—Rachel ($98,

Cats Incredible

My least favourite part about dealing with the litter box—aside from the obvious—is lugging heavy tubs and trying to get all of the litter IN the box. The packaging of Cats Incredible’s awesome litter is a game-changer and a back-saver! With the easy pouring spout and two handles, changing the litter is finally a breeze.—Laura ($17,

Grizzly Super Foods

My cat friend Matilda loves Grizzly Super Foods by Grizzly Pet Products! Made with wild Alaskan salmon, organic coconut meal, and sprouted organic quinoa, this grain-free food is packed with essential amino acids. It is sure to improve even the crankiest cat’s mood!—Eleanor ($28,

Catnip Spray

This Catnip Spray from Meowijuana is so much easier than traditional catnip! My cats, Jack and Jamie, get bored with their old catnip toys when the ‘nip inside dries up. This spray gives a fresh boost to their favourite stuff. With just one spritz, my cats were fighting over all the old toys like a couple of monkeys!—Clara ($14,

Classic C1 Cat & Dog vacuum

Sometimes brooms just don’t cut it! When cat hair seems to be absolutely everywhere, I reach for the Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog vacuum. The Active AirClean filtration system helps control odour and it’s super quiet so it won’t scare the cats! —Connie ($600,

Wildly Natural salmon cat treats

Feel great about giving your cats Fruitables Wildly Natural salmon cat treats. Made of natural, limited ingredients, your cat will go crazy for the flavour of wild-caught salmon. And you’ll love that they contain no wheat, soy or corn!—Jennifer (From $3,

Compostable Cat Litter Bags

I always felt guilty when I had to put the litter, bag and all, into the garbage after scooping up after my family’s two cats. So when I found BioDOGradable Bags’ Compostable Cat Litter Bags, scooping the litter five times a week got a bit easier! The bags are a perfect size
for scooping into, and I can put the bag right into my compost bin to biodegrade—guilt free! —Mariah ($15,

Simple Sleeper

My two cats love to sleep, scratch, and share the Simple Sleeper from Molly and Friends. This two-tier tree features both a flat surface bed mounted on a sisal pole (perfect for scratching), and a lower cozy cradle. With a variety of carpet colours available, it’s sure to match any décor!—Kevin ($99,

PetCam Pro

Ever wonder what your kitty is doing while you’re at work or out of town? With Pet-Peeps’ Indoor PetCam Pro, you can check out what your cats are up to and even talk to them—this HD camera has a built-in speaker and mic, too! Did your cat do something super-cute or funny while nobody was home? It has an SD card slot as well, so you can record your cat’s shenanigans and watch it back.—Celine ($150,


My cat Grace has a tendency to be quite picky; not true with Purebites—she LOVES these treats! Made with protein sourced from the US and New Zealand, I feel great about giving Grace her favourite treats. I’ve even used them to help her learn to trust new people. With Purebites on hand, she no longer runs and hides the moment someone new walks in the house! Highly recommended.—Jacqueline (From $3,

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