Showing my love of cats is easy with these stylish cat hoop earrings from Triple T Studios! Made with nickel-free silver and a choice of black or gold cats, you can update any outfit to show off your proud cat lady status!—Laura ($25,

Catify your workspace with this adorable painted metal cat Desk Organizer, perfect for organizing papers and bills. It would also make a super-cute napkin holder, so you can’t go wrong with this versatile piece!—Jennifer ($45,

I cannot get my cat away from his amazing scratcher from Scratch Lounge! This double-sided scratcher is made with durable cardboard (which means less vacuuming for me!) and the raised edge design makes it the purrfect place for my cat to chill and scratch.—Hayley ($25,

I love having guests over but it can make my cat very uneasy and anxious, that’s why I’m so happy I found the ThunderEase Calming diffuser! It mimicks natural pheromones—just plug it in and watch your cat’s anxiety symptoms disappear, completely drug-free.—Georgia ($30,

No matter how much you brush your cat, hairballs still happen. To manage this problem, try Coco Therapy’s amazing Hairball Plus! This one-ingredient product contains only high-fiber coconut so it’s great for cats with sensitive stomachs, as well as all around skin and coat health!—Connie ($12,


Buying litter products isn’t generally a super-fun part of being a cat owner but Neon Litter aims to fix that! Their vibrant coloured litters brighten up the litter box while being dust-free, soft on paws, and delivering top-notch odour control!—Jessica ($15,

I love that cats can enjoy the outdoors while staying safe with a Modular Catio from Configure these modular catios to fit any size, space or need. Kitty will thank you for it!—Yvonne (From $350,

Kitty Box Ramp has made my senior cat’s life so much easier! I just attach the ramp, outfitted with extra grip-able tread pads for added traction and comfort, to his litter box and he can easily walk in and out with no pain to his stiff joints.—Linda ($35,

I just love how cute and stylish my cat looks in Sweet Pickles’ Design’s bow ties! With fun prints—including watermelon, floral, and flamingo designs—she’ll be the best dressed cat this spring and summer. Patterned collars are available too for the more understated cat.—Alice (from $7,

Boost your cat’s health with Primal’s raw goat milk. Known as the universal milk, it’s packed with raw nutrients, is a great digestive aid, and it helps cats obtain their daily needed moisture.—Kyrsten ($14,

If your cat suffers from skin issues, wounds, or feline acne, try Vetericyn’s Feline Antimicrobial Hydrogel. Gelling on contact, it helps clean and treat wounds, making recovery easy on your cat.—Cecilia ($18,

My cat is a hunter by nature, so I make sure to feed her like one too! For this, I rely on Doc and Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder. Simply hide the mouse shaped feeders around the house and let your cat track down his dinner! Great for indoor cats and fast eaters.—Ashley ($20,

I was introduced to Madeleine Belanger’s beautiful cat tarot deck at a cat event in Vancouver, BC, and immediately fell in love. The deck, featuring over 150 illustrations of cats, most of them real-life cats with stories to tell, stays true to classic Tarot imagery but with a light-hearted, feline twist. It also supports rescue efforts. Love it.—Milena ($55,