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Stuff We Love—Spring/Summer 2015

Modern Cat staffers' picks of the litter

Sweet Pickles Bowtie

If your cat wants to stand out from the crowd then a bow tie from Sweet Pickles Designs is just what he’ll need. Watch him strut around in these beautifully designed and handcrafted bow ties that will declare his personal sense of style. The elastic loop makes it easy to put on and take off. Smiles guaranteed!—Connie ($6,

Kascade Floating Shelves

I'm in love with these custom-crafted floating shelves—and so are my cats! Made of solid poplar and finished with the carpeting of your choice, these lovely, minimal shelves are the ultimate, stylish cat perch. All hardware is hidden in the shelf for seamless and easy installation!—Cecilia (From $85,

Dhaka Handicrafts Kaisa basket

Tripping over your cat's worldly possessions but not in love with cat-themed storage containers? Store your feline's favourite playthings in a beautiful, handmade, lidded Kaisa basket from Dhaka Handicrafts, a worker-owned company that markets items made by rural artisans in Bangladesh.—Natalie ($52,

Lili Di Prima Custom Portrait

What could be better than a custom illustrated family portrait of my partner and our two cats? Lili Di Prima combines her love of vector illustration and vintage family photos to create beautifully unique portraits that capture the personality of her subjects, pets included!—Lily ($135,

Whisker + Box cat bed

Sleek and stylish, the Whisker + Box cat bed is a must for any cat home! Flexible by design and available in three fabulous colours, this cat bed gives my kitty the coziest catnap. And a portion of sales are donated to animal shelters, so it’s a can’t miss!—Kai ($42,

Moodcatz t-shirt

If you ask me, cat-love ought to be expressed at all times, so I’m pretty proud my mom wears this Glasses Cat T-shirt from Moodcatz. It shows she is always thinking of me and my brother, even when she isn’t with us.—Lincoln the Norwegian Forest Cat ($23,

Odourlock Litter

I love my cats (probably too much, if that’s possible) but I don’t love litter smells. So I am so happy that I found Intersand’s Odourlock Litter because it is beyond fantastic. It truly lives up to its name, absorbing odours quickly and keeping my apartment from smelling like a litter box!—Taryn ($15,

Case Cavern phone case

CaseCavern handmade this super-pretty phone case specifically for me, and I couldn’t love it more! They use unique vintage embellishments and lovely case colours (available for great assortment of phone models) to suit your style. The likelihood of anyone having a case like yours? Highly unlikely. Having the cutest phone case? Super likely!—Celine ($23,

Fresh Cat Shampoo

What’s my secret to soft, clean fur? I use this awesome moisturizing pet shampoo made with natural ingredients such as oatmeal and almond oil. And it’s not just for cats and kittens—even my humans and dogs can use it!—Staff Cat Salsa ($12,

Katris shelf

My cat Salsa loves her super-stylish Katris shelf, which allows her to sit on top and relax with a view. She also loves that these shelves were designed to be given a good scratch! I like that it doubles as a cool-looking bookshelf I can decorate—perfect for a small apartment!—Kara ($50 per shelf,

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Carrier

The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Carrier is perfect for those trips to the vet and is so comfy that my guys also like to nap in it at home. I love the style of this truly versatile carrier!—Lauren ($180,

Swatch Cattitude watch

What time is it? Clearly it’s kitty time! Swatch’s new Cattitude watch from their adorable animal collection adds whimsy to any outfit. The dial is printed with a cat face, the eyes move as time passes, and the matte white strap has the cutest little whisker print. Anyone need the time? Let me consult my super-cute watch!—Jennifer ($60,

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