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Stuff We Love—Spring/Summer 2016

Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter

Savage Cat Food

I’ve joined the raw cat food movement! The transition is made easy by Savage Cat Food’s delectable artisan raw cat food, made from real muscle meat and bone, without added hormones or antibiotics! Savage Cat’s wet, prey-based, no-filler diet provides cats with myriad health benefits, including a fuller coat and healthy weight. Savage Cat also donates a portion of proceeds to local shelters and is organic, small-farm sourced. Highly recommended!—Jennifer (8 week supply for $80)

Bastet Collar from Furocious Kitty

If your cat is anything like mine then she reigns supreme in your household, making the handmade Bastet Collar ($12) from Furocious Kitty a perfect fit. Bastet is the Egyptian Goddess of protection, joy, dance, music, family, love, and—naturally—cats; I can’t think of a better choice for my regal feline.—Rebekah

Art Cat Scratcher from P.L.A.Y.

Cats need lots of good, appropriate places to scratch and the Arty Cat Scratcher ($69) from P.L.A.Y. delivers just that! The stylish shape offers tons of spots for your cat to scratch (and lounge!). Major bonus: it also looks fantastic in your home.—Julia

Natural Hairball Control Dry Crag from Wellness

Say goodbye to unwelcome hairballs with Natural Hairball Control Dry Cat food ($14) from Wellness. This tasty formula (think enticing proteins like chicken and turkey) features a fiber blend that helps move hair and already-formed hairballs through your cat’s digestive system.—Natalie

Bach's Rescue Remedy

Bach's Rescue Remedy ($14) for pets is a necessity for any cat owner. It has an immediate calming effect. Whether going to the vet or on holiday, this product is a must-have for any stressful situation.—Jacqueline

Mug from Personalized Pooch

This artist-designed ceramic mug from Personalized Pooch delivers the perfect combo of cute and caffeine to get you through the day. Wake up to a “Home is Where My Cat Is" mug ($18) to keep the smiles—and energy—going.—Lauren

Litter Lifter

The Litter Lifter ($7) makes my mom super happy! Its parallel, peaked blades only pick up clumped litter which means less shaking and sieving and less time hunched over the litter box (and more time playing with me—win!).—Lyle the Domestic Shorthair 

Banixx Wound Recovery Spray

Whenever I’m plagued with an ear or skin infection, hot spot, ringworm or other ailment I’m glad my owner treats it with Banixx Wound Recovery Spray ($12)! This fast-working spray treats most wounds and offers me relief so that I can get back to the important stuff like bird watching and hair-elastic chasing. Bonus points for it being odour and sting-free!.—Stella the Maine Coon 

Pet House from Nekochan

Let your cat relax in solitude in her very own private cabin! Nekochan’s foldable, easy-to-assemble Pet House ($80) will let Mittens take shelter, escape the stresses of an open environment, and indulge in unlimited and unfettered catnaps.—Cecilia

Whisker relief bowl by Dr. Catsby

I have had a lot of trouble finding the perfect bowl for my cats, but I can now stop my search! Dr. Catsby’s Bowl for Whisker Relief ($20) is everything I want in a cat dish—low sides for no whisker stress, machine washable, wide to help keep the food IN the bowl, and it’s sleek looking! I LOVE this dish almost as much as my cats do!—Taryn

Litter Robot

Let the Open-Air Litter Robot ($450) do the dirty work for you! This automatic, self-cleaning litter box separates the waste from clean litter, while you reap the real rewards of cat ownership: cuddles!—Nav

Cat Lady Box subscription

Unwrap awesome surprises! Sign up for a Cat Lady Box subscription ($31/month) and receive a monthly box of cool cat-themed stuff, like exclusive jewelry, clothes, accessories, decor, and more, hand-picked by cat ladies for cat ladies! What could be more fun?—Celine

Fur-Zoff hair remover

With a light sweeping motion, Fur-Zoff effortlessly removes pet hair, fuzz, and lint from carpets, upholstery, and clothing. Made from 90% post-consumer materials, it’s environmentally friendly, lasts forever, and is just $13. My new best friend!—Connie

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