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Stuff We Love—Winter 2015/16

Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter

Custom pet portraits from Zaworski Art

The immensely talented and philanthropy-minded artist Jade Zaworski is my pick for this issue. Jade’s unique, custom pet portraits not only capture the essence of her subjects in an absolutely lovely way, but she donates money from every piece of art she creates to non-profit animal rescues—she’s donated over $7,800 this year already! Custom commissioned portraits start at $495.—Jennifer (From $495,

Jumbo scratch lounge from Pet Fusion

Scratching is a must for cats, so I like to give my two kitties a variety of surfaces to scratch on. They absolutely love Pet Fusion’s jumbo scratch lounge. It gives them horizontal scratching space as well as a nice place to lounge and play. It’s purr-fect!—Taryn ($130,

Crisp toy from For Mew

Perfectly sized for tossing and carrying around, For Mew’s Crisp toys are stuffed with organic catnip as well as crinkly innards to provide that ever so compelling crinkly wrapper sound cats love!—Cecilia  ($7,

Redbarn's Turkey Cat Treats

Skip the grain with Redbarn’s grain-free Turkey Cat Treats. With their semi-moist texture and delectable smell, every cat around will soon be running to you when they hear that feline temptress—the bag crinkle!—Lauren ($3,

SmartCat cat litter

I switched from clay litter to SmartCat all-natural cat litter and I’m never going back! It’s made of biodegradable grass, is much less dusty than clay, clumps really well, and helps with odours too. A great option if you’re looking to make the switch!—Lyle the Domestic Shorthair ($30 for a 20lb bag,

Purassic Park t-shirt

There’s no denying that the Jurassic Park films are incredible, but how much more incredible would they be if you replaced all the dinosaurs with cats?! As a huge Jurassic Park fan and proud cat lover, I couldn’t resist this ‘Purassic Park’ t-shirt from Arm the Animals. It’s cute, comfortable, and the purrrfect conversation starter!—Lily ($27,

Kitty Garden Party Mini Skirt

A cold front may be rolling in but I’m still not ready to put away my Kitty Garden Party Mini Skirt from PrettySnake. Grab your neon tights and rock this super cute skirt to your next dance party! —Celine ($56,

Choose Rescue bracelet from PawZaar

This stylish bracelet from PawZaar’s new #PawPromise collection not only looks great, but 10 percent of proceeds from each Choose Rescue Bracelet is donated to a shelter or nominated rescue partner. Want to nominate your favourite shelter for donation? Check our PawZaar’s website to learn how!–Jacqueline ($20,

Lithium Flex Vac from Black & Decker

Cat hair, it can get everywhere. From the deepest floor nooks to the highest of shelves, finding cat hair here, there, and everywhere is a constant of cat life. But, thanks to Black & Decker, it’s time to tame the hair beast! Their ultra portable 20V Lithium Flex Vac—a light weight cordless hand vac that includes a flexible four foot hose and specialized pet hair brush—lets you suck up every stray hair without the fuss of an upright vacuum. Gotta love it!—Natalie (From $117,

Plant Pattern Covers

Keep your cats out of your houseplants with Plant Patterns Covers! The elastic-edged fabric cover keeps Fifi from scratching around in the dirt and making a mess or assigning herself a new “litterbox.” An array of beautiful patterns are available to suit every décor.—Connie (From $10,

Haiku Cats

In Haiku Cats author and artist C.B. Fraser combines her whimsical illustrations of eccentric cats with charming haikus in this ode to fantastic felines. Her unique, Asian-inspired artwork, creatively paired with poems that are, in part, inspired by her own cat, delight.—Angela ($24,

Hand-painted urn from Perfect Memorials

This beautiful hand-painted basket urn is designed to keep your memories vivid and colorful. Available in black, white or bronze, it can be personalized with lines of text or even artwork of your choice.—Julia (From $35,

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