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Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter

Loyal Luxe Teepee

Inspired by Canadian hunting chalets, Loyal Luxe designed a cool cabin for fluffy little critters made entirely of corrugated cardboard. Just assemble and watch your cat, mighty hunter that she is, immediately ensconce herself.—Jennifer ($24,

Just Kitten Sweatshirt from Burger and Friends

Always the jokester, I’m ROFP (Rolling On Floor Purring) at my hilarious new sweatshirt from Burger and Friends.—Maxine “Meowzers” Matishak ($24,

Cat Breed Tee

Go big or go home is what I always say. These larger than life tees allow me to express my love of cats in a big, almost comin’-at-you sort of way. Available in a bounty of breeds and sizes.—Jessica ($20,

Ceramic Cat Wall-Hook

Small in stature but big in character, this three-piece ceramic cat wall-hook would look great in any room and impress/surprise anyone that sees it. (May my cat take your coat?)—Vanessa ($45,

Lickety Stik Treat Stick

My finicky feline pals Beebop and Rocksteady love the Lickety Stik because it’s a tasty, low-cal treat that doesn’t go straight to their hips.—Sara ($3,

Wool and Mohair Cat Bed from Olemae

I fell in love with Olemae’s bright, bold, and cozy cat beds, their solid swaths of colour calling to mind the work of 1950s Colour Field artists (think of them as a Rothko for your cat!). Hand-crocheted with a wool and mohair blend then felted for strength, it’s the ideal size for that special cat (or small dog) in your life. They come in all kinds of colour combinations and the elegantly simple design will complement any décor.—Connie (From $66,

Quilted Cat Mat from The Cat Farm

Both my Tabby, BB, and I love The Cat Farm’s quilted cat mats. With a quilted top and a fleecy underside, it’s the perfect place for a catnap!—Mary (from $48,

Lo Bamboo Cat Scratch Pad from Square Cat Habitat

This eco-friendly Lo Bamboo cat scratch pad from Square Cat Habitat keeps my cat busy and entertained—and away from the antique furniture. The customizable inserts make finding the perfect scratching surface a snap and my cat can’t stop purring.—Jane ($75,

Clever Pussycat Tee from Cathy Peng

“C” is for cool Canadian artist Cathy Peng. Among her many super-cute cat-themed designs, her striped Clever Pussycat tee is my favourite for being totally adorable and comfy!—Celine ($24,

Personalized iPhone Deflector Case from Uncommon

What better way for my mom to express her love for me than with this personalized iPhone Deflector case from Uncommon featuring a photo of moi? Got a cat you love? Of course you do! Then get busy—it’s super-easy to upload an image and in no time at all the folks at Uncommon will send you your own custom, one-of-a-kind protective cover for your iPhone 4 or 4S featuring your own stunningly glorious cat.—Buddy the Cat ($35,

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