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A house is not a home without a cat

Cat Canoe from CatBall

Give your cat a cute and comfy place to sleep. The Cat Canoe from CatBall is ideal for snuggling up in and having a good nap. If your cat likes to be hugged into a cozy oblong shape, this bed will prove perfection! $30,


The Kittyblock is a dream for any boxloving cat! Your cat can scratch and lounge on it to his heart’s content. It has 8 corrugated surfaces, so it can take a lot of wear and tear, but when it can take no more, simply put it out with the recycling! $59,

Buddha Perch from Square Cat

Provide a new place to hang out with the Buddha Perch from Square Cat Habitat. This perfectly minimal wall mounted perch can hold up to 40 pounds. Your cat will love having a spot just for him! $75-$105,

Pet Feeder from TrendyPet

Whiskers are very sensitive and it is uncomfortable to have them pressed up against bowl sides at mealtime. Bowls like this one are ideal for keeping your cat dining happily. $52,

Cat Lounger from Miglio Designs

Miglio Designs combines style and function to make amazing cat scratchers. The Doppio is a beautiful lounge and scratcher that has been hand polished to a super soft finish. Your cat will not be able to resist scratching, playing, and lounging on this piece. $44, or

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