We can’t wait to see what SuperZoo 2023 has in store for us this year! Intersecting the pet business and pet culture, SuperZoo is where the pet industry comes together to connect and discover the most exciting, cool new products on the market. It is running from Wednesday, August 16 to Friday, August 18 at Mandalay Bay. Don’t miss checking out our list of “Must Visit” booths below:



Booth #6619: Visit CONAIRPROPET for the latest grooming innovations, hot new pet categories, and end-to-end grooming solutions for pet owners and professional groomers. Stop by for dog training sessions, live grooming demos, and some fresh-baked goodies. babylisspro.com


Armarkat Logo

Booth #4771: Jackson Galaxy appearance on Aug 17th at 2 pm. AeroMark International is the manufacturer and distributor of ARMARKAT cat furniture, so Armarkat’s pricing is direct from the manufacturer. Presenting the newest designs in cat trees and pet beds. Stop by to visit Booth 4771, and just ask us for information. armarkat.com


boxie cat logo

Booth #2258: Boxie is a health, home, and hygiene company with a mission to improve the pet care experience. Visit our booth for an exclusive look at our newest innovations and exclusive show deals. boxiecat.com


Distinctly Himalayan logo

Booth #7657: Dharma Dog Karma Cat is your retail-ready fair trade brand. Our artisan-crafted pet beds and toys stand out as visible proof of your commitment to ethical and environmental goals. distinctlyhimalayan.com

Fringe Studio logo

Booth #6139: PetShop by Fringe Studio offers innovative pet essentials that cater to all breeds and sizes, including brand-new rubber and latex toys that feature top-tier durability and stimulating functions. petshop.fringestudio.com


Kat Kastle logo

Booth #6966: New, Patent Pending, Innovative and Decorative, Perfect for All Seasons CAT HOUSE, Year-round fun and relaxation. Cats are naturally attracted to this….”like catnip”. katkastle.com

Inaba Foods logo

Booth #6830: Introducing, a brand-new, completely balanced Churu for your cat to crave.  Use it as a meal on the go or as a meal topper.  Available in five flavors. inabafoods.com


Oxyfresh logoBooth #3449: At Oxyfresh, we’re committed to making the safest pet care using the best of science and nature. Stop by booth #3449 to save 70% off MSRP during the show. oxyfresh.com


Pet P.L.A.Y. logo

Booth #7049: P.L.A.Y., a Certified B Corp, creates innovative toys, beds, and lifestyle gear that’s better for pets, people, and the planet. Check out their stylish products loved by eco-minded shoppers everywhere! petPLAY.com


Zymox logo

Booth #5053 & #2230: ZYMOX® Dermatology and Oratene® Brushless Oral Care have resolved dogs’ and cats’ ear, skin, and mouth conditions with the power of enzymes…not antibiotics or harsh ingredients…for over 25 years. zymox.com

Petcurean logo

Booth #1358: For 20+ years, Petcurean has crafted premium, nutrient-rich recipes. Try Now Fresh®, Gather™, Summit™, and NEW Go! Solutions® recipes, including Boosters. Trusted by pet parents, loved by pets. petcurean.com

Pioneer Pet logoBooth #7357: In the late 90s Betsy Lipscomb–founder of SmartCat®–understood that people surrendered their cats to shelters because they didn’t know how to change undesirable behaviors. Cat owners were understandably unhappy with their cats using furniture and carpets to do what came naturally to them–scratching. Most thought declawing was the only answer, but it’s not! For Betsy, this was a call to action. This is how SmartCat began. pioneerpet.com


Pride and Groom Pro logo

Booth #4762: All-natural, coat-specific, amazing-smelling grooming products for dogs and cats that bring pets the level of luxury coat and skincare that, up until now, only we ourselves could enjoy. Each formula is thoughtfully crafted with its own unique blend of essential oils and sustainable ingredients to deliver cleansing, nourishing, and beautifying benefits you, your dogs, and cats can see and feel. prideandgroompro.com


Casa leo logoBooth #4464: Smarty Pear is now Casa Leo! The best investment in your pet’s health—and your home. Stop by to see our NEW LOOK and get a demo of Leo’s Loo Too. casaleopet.com


Booth #2074: Cats can get bored at mealtime. We found fruits and eggs can make great additions to a cat’s diet. At the same time, it also contributes nutritional value to their diet. Flavors are Pineapple, Mango, Apple, Kiwi, Aloe Vera, Goji Berry, Egg, and Fish Roe. snappytom.com


Suitical logo

Booth #4125: Give your cat the protection and comfort they need during recovery with Suitical’s Recovery Suit® for cats. Pets are family, let’s treat them that way! suitical.com



Vetericyn logo

Booth #5749: Vetericyn’s safe, powerful, and cutting-edge animal wellness products help pet owners and veterinarians around the world take better care of their animals. Clean, treat, prevent infection, and help to heal with Vetericyn! vetericyn.com


Vitakraft Sunseed logo

Booth #7610: With over 180 years of expertise in pet care and nutrition, Vitakraft Sun Seed, Inc. offers quality products including animal food, treats, and supplements that are made with real ingredients. vitakraftsunseed.com


Vital Essentials logo

Booth #1568: Vital Essentials freeze-dried Cat Food – available in Mini Nibs or Mini Patties – makes feeding your cat a high protein raw diet easy!  Stop by our booth for free samples. vitalessentialsraw.com