Cat Life Daily Smile

Surprise! Cats in Unexpected Places

Oh cats, we love the random places you end up...

Cats being cats in unexpected places. Where will you find them next?

Cleo the cat laying on a desk in front of the computer
Trying to get some work done? Cleo the cat thinks that your only work should be petting her belly!
Cat crawling into a cardboard box
Cats will always find their way into boxes, no matter the size!
Cat stuck in a carpet scratcher looking cute
Oh hello there! Charles the kitty seems to have found a cozy nook to get himself stuck in!
Maisy the cat sitting in a picnic basket
This cat wants to go for a picnic, ready when you are!
Cute cat balancing and hanging off a window pane
What are you doing up there cat? Oh nothing, just hanging out.
Cat playing with dishwasher spinner
Water might not be fun, but a dishwasher sure has some awesome built-in cat toys!
Cat sitting in sink
Oh, you wanted to wash your hands? Sorry, this is mine now.
Cat in the fridge and cat on the shelf
These cats know where their mom hides the food, and aren’t giving up until they find it!
Cat laying on top of a pile of sneakers
Pooh Bear the cat is making sure no one leaves the house today. Stay and play!

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