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Taco Meow Cat Bed—It’s Siesta Time!

taco meow

Your Taco Meow cat bed can be used folded closed, like a taco. Simply twist together two small red tomato pom-poms to secure. Cats enjoy crawling in to explore and finding a place to hide. Beneath the fleece fabric is a layer of cellophane which adds an enticing ‘cracking taco’ sound.

Toss a Chili Pepper catnip toy inside the Taco Meow cat bed and your cat will be in taco heaven — spiced up and happy.

To open your Taco Meow cat bed, simply untwist the red tomato poms and lay flat like a tostada. Your cat can use it as a soft mat on the floor, or on a chair or sofa. The small tomato and pepper toys will keep your cat entertained, under the table and not shredding up the furniture!

Taco Meow cat bed has moldable wire in the edge trim, to help hold its shape, however you choose to shape it. Taco Meow cat bed comes with 3 catnip-stuffed Chili Pepper toys.

taco meow

Simple spot cleaning with a soft cloth and fabric cleaner is recommended for routine cleaning.

When machine washing is necessary, first unzip Taco Meow cat bed and carefully remove the foam and cellophane before washing on a gentle cycle.

Your cat may look so cute in the Taco Meow cat bed that you’ll want to just eat them up – but resist the urge.
And remember, tacocat spelled backwards is tacocat…

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