The Cat Ball® cat bed was designed for cats and is styled for humans. This original cat bed design is hexagonal with two openings, and cats go crazy for it!

Back when many people lived on farms, cats were important to have around, as they managed rodent populations. But in these days of grocery stores, fast food and even door-to-door grocery delivery services, cats have had to make themselves useful in other ways: entertainment.

Yes, the primary function of the domestic house cat is to entertain us, as they are very good subjects for photography and video, and this is why every cat household needs a Cat Ball® cat bed. The modern and innovative design frames cats in a perfect vignette for photography, as you can see when searching Instagram for #thecatball.

What does a cat do all day when she is sitting around, staring at apparently nothing? Common wisdom suggests that the cat is busy concocting plans for total world domination, but the truth is, she’s going to look really cute when she’s doing this inside a Cat Ball® cat bed, so why not indulge her?

The Cat Ball® was conceived and created by Jennifer Boaro, who was working in costume design when she was asked to make mascot costumes in the shape of a soccer ball. She started the project by creating miniatures to test her pattern making and materials. Later, she got two kittens, and then was inspired to turn the miniature costume prototypes into beds for the kittens. The Cat Ball® was born!