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Boring old litter box got you down? These six litter boxes are sure to cheer you up. Looking this good, they’ll have you forgetting all about the nastier side of things—even non-cat households will want them! 


This outerspace inspired litter box (or den) from Sindesign is designed with an opening just large enough to let your cat in, but limits the projections of litter that come out. Its quirky design will have everyone eyeing it up, just don’t be surprised if they need some convincing that it really is a litter box!



Leopard print! Need we say more? Adding some exotic flair to your litter routine, the Kitty A GoGo litter box fits perfectly in any stylish home. Don’t fret if leopard print isn’t your thing (we won’t judge), they also come in polka dot, floral, burlwood, and the always-classy black.

Kitty a Go Go


It’s about time your cat’s litter box started thinking about you! The Nightstand Pethouse from Merry is a tasteful and practical addition to your bathroom, with its towel rail, shelves, and versatile design, this litter box isn’t just about kitty.

Merry Nightstand Pet House


The cat inspired litter box from Etna lets you show off your love for your cat, without inviting your guests to take a peek at her poo. Discreetly hide your cat’s litter tray while adding kitty-flair to your home decor!

Etna Litter Box


This multi-functional litter box from Good Pet Stuff is a welcome dose of flora. Perfectly distracting you and your guests from its less attractive contents, the clay pot design and real plant are the perfect addition to any plant and cat loving home.

Good Stuff Plant Litter Box


Keep your cat’s bathroom routine private with the Cat Cabinet from Pet Studio. Combining chic design and inconspicuous litter-vists—purrfect!

Pet Studio Litter Cabinet


Looking for litter boxes that add some flair? These litter boxes also function as a beautiful addition to your home!

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