Do you have travel plans coming up that include your furry friend but you don’t know where to stay? No matter what your budget is, we’ve rounded up the Best Cat-Friendly Hotels of 2019!

Best Budget Cat-Friendly Hotels

Motel 6

With 1,200 motels across North America, this affordable chain is not just convenient and budget-friendly but also cat-friendly! 2 pets (dogs and other species also welcome) are allowed per room and bringing your cat won’t cost you either as all pets stay free of charge!

Rates start at $50 per night.

Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn is another economical cat-friendly hotel option. Cats stay at no extra cost and some locations even give a 10% discount if booking with pets. Their policy is 1 cat per room but if you call ahead, they can usually accommodate 2 cats per room. 

Rates start at $70 per night.


Best Mid-Range Cat-Friendly Hotels 

The Westin 


Whilst not all Westin’s are cat-friendly, a lot are and you can find at least one cat-friendly hotel per state. Pet guests will receive a comfy pet bed plus food mats and bowls and the concierge is happy to provide info on local pet sitters and other pet services that may be needed. What’s best is that cats (and all other pets) stay for free! 

Rates start at $120 per night. 

The Hilton

You can find a Hilton in almost every major city in North America and what’s great is that most are cat-friendly! They allow 2 cats per room for a fee of $35 to $75 depending on location. Cats staying at The Hilton will be treated to a cozy pet bed and food and water bowls. 

Rates start at $199 per night 


Best High-End Cat-Friendly Hotels 

   Four Seasons


Vacation in style at the classic (and cat-friendly) line of Four Seasons hotels. Cats are welcome for a maximum fee of $75 a night and will be spoiled with treats, a bowl, fresh Evian water, and a luxurious pet bed to rest in after an exciting day of travel. 

Rates start at $400 per night.

 Algonquin Hotel

The Algonquin Hotel in NYC is a cat-friendly purr-idise! Not only are cats allowed, they are completely spoiled and will even be greeted by the famous Algonquin Hotel cat (the hotel has had a resident cat since 1923, with Hamlet the ginger cat being the current cat in charge!) Cats (and dogs under 50lbs) stay for no extra fee and will receive tasty treats, water and food bowls and a pet bed. The hotel even hosts cat fashion shows and have a Chief Cat Officer who takes care of Hamlet and feline guests! 

Rates start at $420 per night.


Best Cat-Friendly Hotel Chains


This boutique hotel and restaurant chain welcomes cats (and any other species of pet!) at every one of their locations across the US and beyond. Kimpton will welcome any number of cats (or other pets) with no restriction on breed or size. Best of all, there are no extra fees or deposits for bringing your feline friend! Cats staying here will be welcomed by name and will receive a plush pet bed and food and water bowls too. 


Rates start at $150 per night.



This luxury hotel chain is 100% cat-friendly at all locations. Cats are treated to a comfy pet bed, yummy treats, a litter box, and scratching posts. You can arrange for cat sitting if you need as well. Cats can stay for an extra $50 per night and there is a limit of 2 cats per room. Bringing your dog too? No problem, Loews welcomes dogs of all sizes and breeds. 

Rates start at $235 per night.

Best in the North East

 Affinia, New York City, New York 

The Affinia is happy to welcome your cat at all 3 of their NYC locations and their VIPaws Pet Program is designed to meet your pet’s every need. For a one time fee of $150 ($10 of which goes to the Humane Society), your kitty will receive food and water bowls, a super plush oversized pet bed, and fun cat toys. They even provide a pet in-room door sign for if your cat is left alone and can help with pet sitting if needed.  

Rates start at $400 per night.

Best in the South

  Mandarin Oriental, Miami, Florida

Your cat will be the envy of all their kitty friends if they accompany you to this cool and stylish cat-friendly hotel! They’ll be pampered with a plush pet bed and yummy treats upon arrival. Each cat also receives a keepsake golden collar (wear around the resort to be easily identifiable as a special pet guest) plus pet sitting is available for an extra fee. There is a $150 fee for bringing a pet and dogs up to 25lbs are also welcome if you’re planning a multi-pet trip.

Rates start at $259 per night.

Best in the Midwest 

  Hotel Monaco, Chicago, Illinois 

With their Pets in the City package, your cat will be treated to a pet bed and bowl upon arrival at Hotel Monaco. They will also get bottled water and treats and can even book a pet massage! We love that $5 of your room rate will go to a local no-kill shelter and the hotel boasts amazing views of the Chicago River. The hotel is also less than a block from the Chicago Riverwalk, perfect for long walks.

Rates start at $265 per night.

Best in the West 

The Peninsula, Beverly Hills, California 

This high-end luxury hotel in Beverly Hills is happy to welcome your cat to its stylish property. Cats (and other pets of all sizes and breeds) are welcome with a limit of 2 per room and a $35 per pet, per night fee. Cat guests will receive a plush bed, tasty treats, and bowls and can even get adorable monogrammed towels! Cats can stay alone in your room if needed and pet sitting can be provided if you’d rather they not be alone when you go out.

Rates start at $779 per night. 

Rates listed vary based on location and dates of booking.

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Which cat-friendly hotel do you want to say at? Let us know in the comments.