The Best Cat Toys of 2020

Best Interactive Cat Toy: Tower of Tracks Cat Toy by Vivipet

Vivipet tower toy with balls

Key Features:

  • A sturdy 4 level-tower track toy with detachable sections
  • All materials used are safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Has anti-skid pads on the bottom of the tower so it doesn’t slip while playing


What cat doesn’t love to swat moving things? This toy takes advantage of a cat’s natural instincts but giving them moving targets, and then bringing the targets right back for another round! The top section can be used for hiding toys as well. Comes in pink, blue or white.


Best Feather Cat Toy: Multi-Feather Cat Toy Interactive Cat Wand by Pet Fit For Life

Feather cat wand from Pet Fit

Key Points:

  • Durable feather tips attached by clip and comes with extra feather tip
  • Extending wand with a comfortable foam grip
  • Made from safe, durable and non-toxic materials


The main thing we love about this toy is that you can clip on and replace the feature tip. Durability is important, but knowing cats it’s just a matter of time before anything feather gets ripped apart by those sharp little claws. This product addresses that concern and also sells refills if/when you need to replace the feathers. The only issue we’d heard was that the wand (which comes in two pieces) comes apart fairly easily while playing. If this does become an issue, reviewers have stated they just use one section of the wand, or superglue the two pieces together.

Price:$10 for the Wand and Two Feather Tips

Best Catnip Toy: Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

Yeowww! banana catnip toyKey Points:

  • Handmade in the USA and durable to withstand your cat’s love and claws
  • Filled with 100% organic catnip
  • The perfect curve for nuzzling and bunnykicking!


These bananas were top of the list for a premium catnip toy. Made with a durable cotton that’s colored with natural and non-toxic vegetable-based dyes, they’re stuffed with only organically-grown catnip without any extra fillers.

If your cat loves catnip, you definitely have to try it!

Price:$6 for a 1-pack

Best Cat Toy for Multiple Cats: Large Tunnel and Bed Pop-Up House by Kitty City

popup cat tunnel and bed

Key Points:

  • Two entrances to tunnel and machine-washable plush bed in the center
  • Each entrance features a hanging catnip toy
  • Entire house can fold up and stack for easy storage


Tunnels are the perfect toys when you have multiple cats, and we loved that this pop-up house also had a bed in the middle. Cats are predators, so giving them a space that’s made for chasing, sneaking and pouncing will increase activity levels and help keep indoor cats healthy. Since this tunnel easily folds up and has a machine-washable section in the middle, it’s great keeping clean and hiding when company comes over (but don’t tell your cat!).


Best Tech Cat Toy:

Key Features: MOODY PET Fling-AMA-String Cat Toy

best tech cat toyKey Features

  • Motor spins around a soft, flat elastic for cats to play with
  • Free replacement parts for the lifetime of the toy
  • Battery operated


If you’re wanting a fun, addicting toy that keeps your cat active and gives you a little break, check out the Fling-String! This battery-operated toy from Moody Pet runs a little motor that spins the white belt to whip a string around for your cat to obsess over. Hang the toy on a doorknob of a closed door for your cat to play with.

String warning: if your cat has a tendency to chew or swallow strings or elastics, this toy should only be used with direct supervision or it might not be a safe fit. Some reviewers have opted to reinforce the stitching of the string to the elastic belt if their cats enjoy playing tug-of-war, and have stated that the toy has lasted for years.

Price Point: $30 on Amazon. Free replacement parts for toy lifetime. 

Best Feeder Cat Toy: Doc and Phoebe’s Interactive Feeder

best cat toy for feeding Key Features:

  • Veterinarian designed to use your cat’s natural hunting instincts
  • Keeps your cat active and healthy throughout the day
  • Eliminates common eating concerns like ‘scarf and barf’


Doc and Phoebe’s Interactive Feeder is a fun and interesting toy that’s also extremely functional. Eliminating the need for a cat’s standard food bowl, you simply fill the three mice with your cat’s dry food of choice and hide them around the house twice a day for your cat to hunt and eat from. If your cat keeps you up all night, has bad behavior or always seems bored, this toy could be the perfect fit to keeping them occupied and spending that extra energy.

Price: $20 for the feeder kit (includes 3 mice)

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