Your cat will be beyond thrilled to get a fun and cozy cat tree this holiday season! We’ve rounded up the top picks of the best cat tree gifts to delight your cat!
Gingercat House from Square Paws

Cat Tree Gifts: Cat Gingerbread House

Let your cat enjoy the holiday festivities with this limited edition Gingercat house from Square Paws! The cute decorations are catnip filled and the roof is fitted with sisal, purrfect for scratching! Also available as a DIY kit!

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Classic Cat Tree from Armarkat
Cat Tree Gift: Cat Tree

Gift your cat the ultimate cat tree this holiday with Armarkat’s model A7204 Classic Cat Tree! Made with plush faux fur and pressed wood, it features a hanging tunnel and swinging hammock. Use promo code comp10 for 10% off.

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Flower Power Bed from Prevue Pet Products

Cat Tree Gifts: Flower Cat Tree

A flower bed…literally! Prevue Pet Products Flower Power comes with two plush dangling toys, a jumping/lounging platform and plenty of scratching posts topped with an incredibly luxurious flower bed.

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Cento Cat Tree from Mau Pets

Cat Tree Gifts: Cento Cat Tree

The Cento from Mau is a handmade cat tree that includes naturally treated wooden branches and ultra-soft materials. It’s durable, cozy, and beautiful. What more could your cat ask for?

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