Cat Bow Tie, from $9;

Comfort Suede Breakaway Collar, from $13;

Peter Pan Collar in Red Brocade, from $24;

Midlee Pink Stripe Cat Collar with Breakaway Buckle, from $10;


Litter Boxes

Kitangle Corner Kitty Litter Box, from $160;

Disposable Sifting Litter Box, from $20;

Pidan Snow Mountain Cat Litter Box, from $90;

Ultimate Litterbox, from $20;



Arty Cat Scratcher, from $69;

Petkit Flying Fish Cat Scratcher, from $50;

Vesper Minou, from $85;

Armarkat Premium Cat Tree and Kitten Scratcher, X2101, from $65;


For Cat People

The Boss: Cat necklace, from $275;

Fun Feline Blank Greeting Cards, from $5.50;

Sterling Silver Love Kitty Ring, from $50;

Matisse Cat Armored Zippered Wallet

Matisse Cat Armored Zippered Protective Wallet, from $21.95;