Forget Facebook’s fake news and boring updates on other people’s kids—we’re here for the pet pics…

Founder Will Reilly delivers a feel-good, animal-focused social media experience with his paw-some new app called ZooPix—free on the Apple app store. Designed especially for pet people, this app for animal lovers combines pet-focused social media, a rescue mission that helps adoptable animals find homes, animal-related services, and a pet show that will have you accumulating likes.

ZooPix is a unique and interactive app that’s only a few months old and is quickly accumulating members. It’s like a big pet park: create a profile for your cat and connect with other animal lovers. All animals are welcome, from cats and dogs, fish and reptiles, to farm animals like chickens! We especially love how every time someone likes your photo, an animal sound plays—depending upon your pet, it could be a meow, bark or chirp. Their weekly Pet Show is super fun but fair warning: competition is fierce. Whose pet doesn’t want to be a Zooperstar and win virtual trophies and ribbons? 

ZooPix is also finding homes for pets in need by encouraging pet rescue and adoptions. Check out the “needs love” feature where shelters can join and showcase their available residents with the goal to find them a loving, forever home. But again, be forewarned: this app is addictive! With a rating of 4.9 on the App Store, you know everyone’s having a good time.

Download the ZooPix app and get social with a friendly community of animal lovers and pet guardians!