Cats have an innate need to jump and climb that dates back to their wildcat ancestry. These natural behaviours should be encouraged by providing safe outlets. Creating vertical space encourages much needed exercise and decreases tension in the multi-cat home—if you have more than one cat, vertical spaces play a critical role in how well your cats will get along. Make your cat happy with these tested and approved vertical space solutions!


UNI Cat Tree from Mau Pets

This cozy UNI Cat Tree from Mau Pets is perfect for cat pawrents who don’t want a cat tree overpowering the living room or bedroom. This beautiful ultra-fuzzy cat tree features faux fur for added comfort, a scratching post for your feline friend’s scratching needs, and a hand-woven basket with a removable cushion. ($279,


This gorgeous, wall-mounted vertical space solution has it all! The Juggernaut complex from Catastrophic Creations features a cat bridge, escape hatches, floating sisal posts, lounges, planters, and a sisal pole. Great for one or multiple cats, the Juggernaut has a lot of safe space to climb, scratch, and relax, which can help to reduce competition for space and other territorial behaviours. ($576,

A custom designed natural cat tree from My Three Cats is a thing of beauty. Made from natural hardwood, the My Three Cats team and their cat tree craftsman will work with you to build the cat tree of your dreams, designed specifically for your cat’s needs. ($950,

Armarkat’ Classic Cat Tree features several perch spots and a cozy house for your cat to lounge in. Made from faux fur and pressed wood, it also features scratching posts so your house panther can jump and scratch to her heart’s content. ($85,

This uniquely designed Tabby wall mounted cat shelf from Hangman Pets promotes positive scratching behaviour and provides an elevated space for your cat to climb and lounge on. ($65,