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Three Modern Pet Memorials to Remember Your Pet with Joy

The passing of a beloved pet is always a devastating loss. Your pet was, and always will be, a member of the family, and allowing yourself the time to grieve is an important part of the healing process. Once you’ve moved through that initial shock and grief, the next step to healing is to find a way to honor your pet’s life. While the passing of your pet is deeply sad, sharing a life with your pet was filled with joy, and at Chloe’s House, we believe in taking a joyful approach to pet memorials.

Personalized Pet Memorial Jewellery

A wonderful way to keep your pet close to your heart every day is to get a piece of pet memorial jewellery that can be personalized just for you. Chloe’s House offers high quality jewellery that is both modern and minimal, and can be hand stamped with your pet’s initial. Subtle heart and paw charms will remind you of your sweet pet, and the elegant style will be something you can wear every day.


Pet Memorial Planters

Another lovely way to remember the life of your pet is to get a pet memorial that can continue to grow in your home or your garden. Pet memorial planters offer just such a memorial. You can get the planter customized with your pet’s name and a hand stamped illustration, and your pet’s memory will live on.

Pet Urns

One of the hardest decisions to make is how to handle your pet’s remains. One way to keep them close and honor the joy they brought to your life is to choose a modern pet urn, whether it’s in a color that reminds you of your pet, or it includes an illustration of a happy pet. You will, of course, be sad at first, but over time, a joyful pet urn will make you think of all of the love you and your cat shared.


Once you’ve had the chance to process the passing of your pet, choosing a pet memorial can help you in the healing process and help you honor your pet with love and joy. Chloe’s House offers personalized pet memorial jewellery, planters, and urns that are modern and joyful.

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