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Throw That Old Cat Window Seat Away!

Introducing WindowKitty! A unique, patented cat window seat! Designed to keep dangerous window blinds out of your cat’s way, block the view into your room, create space on your windowsill where little to none may exist, and provide a fun tunnel play area. WindowKitty is a four-time winner!  It’s an adjustable tunnel that sits on a windowsill with “entry ways” just big enough for a cat.  Shielding homeowners and renters from prying eyes, WindowKitty creates a barrier and freedom all at the same time. Your cat will love the enclosed space!
The adjustable cat window seat is a plastic two-sided tunnel complete with two toys and padding for kitty’s comfort. The ultimate in home and pet care, WindowKitty is light and airy and keeps blinds safely out of your cat’s way with special functionality. The design is so practical, consumers can open the window so their favorite pal can catch the breeze. Cat lovers need only sit WindowKitty in the windowsill, regardless of width, and adjust the length.  Permanent installation is recommended, and includes small screws for the window frame as well as support legs to support WindowKitty underneath. WindowKitty can be installed in windows from 17.5” to 33.5” inches, providing full coverage or partially installed in larger windows, leaving a space like traditional cat window seats. Two WindowKitty cat seats can be installed for larger windows. WindowKitty supports up to 30 pounds with permanent installation.

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