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Timeless Custom Cat Portraits from Elgin Memorials

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Looking for a custom cat portrait that is a true masterpiece? Visit! The portraitist is Sarah Bean, a classically trained artist with 35 years experience painting animals.

Sarah has been an animal lover since childhood. “The animals that share my life are family. After the death of some of my own animal companions, I looked for a way to honor them. I was inspired by the grand animal portraiture of past centuries that I had studied in art history and seen in great museums. What impressed me about the animals in these masterpieces was their exquisite beauty, realism, elegance, dignity and soulfulness. They were majestic portraits in which the artist had made them eternal.”

Elgin Memorials celebrates this timeless style of animal portraiture. Using both traditional and modern illustration methods, Sarah transforms your own photos into fine art. The anatomy is enhanced and blended seamlessly into a classical scene. Realistic lighting effects and backgrounds are added.

Pet owners can choose custom bows, collars, medallions, flora and fauna. Meaningful details, such as a favorite toy or a custom name banner can be requested.

When asked about her process, Sarah said, “Working closely with your photos, I am able to capture the unique, enduring spirit of your pet. There is something magical about capturing that sparkle in the eyes, and transforming a simple snapshot into a classic masterpiece. The painterly backgrounds and high realism also make them heirloom quality works of art, that will be enjoyed for generations to come.”

“I work to create a masterpiece that honors the bond that you and your companion share. I am moved by the stories of fellow pet owners who have lost a companion. Honoring our animal friends with a timeless tribute brings comfort and joy.”

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