Is your cat looking a little rounder than he should be? Serious cases of feline obesity should always be treated by a vet, who can help you get kitty back to a slimmer shape with medically appropriate food. A vet can also monitor your cat’s health to make sure that nothing is going awry. (If you want to know if your cat is portly or just puffy, feel for the ribs on your cat – you should be able to feel them, but not see them!)

If your problem is only modest rotundness, there are a few steps you can take to encourage a healthy weight in your cat. First of all, honour your cat’s inner carnivore and choose a high-quality food rich in protein. Your cat is ideally suited to a low carb diet – although if she is on a special diet prescribed by a veterinarian, don’t switch it up without talking to your pet’s doctor first. Leave food out for regularly scheduled, thirty minute increments and avoid free-feeding, which is problematic for many overweight cats.

Secondly, limit treats. Ideally, you would eliminate them entirely, but if a special treat is needed to get your cat through stressful situations, restrict them to these special occasions.  You could also consider switching to a freeze-dried cat treat like those from Whole Life, which is nearly pure protein.

A good substitute for high calorie treats? Playtime! Schedule fifteen minutes of exercise for kitty, including such high energy activities as chasing a fishing-pole toy, like the cool ones from Neko Flies, or a laser dot. Leave a few toys out for kitty during the day, and make sure you’ve got a big scratcher to ensure that your cat is getting a good, spine-lengthening scratch.

With a few simple steps, your kitty can enjoy a healthy weight and a healthy life!