Combination of Siamese and Burmese


Development of the Tonkinese cat began in the 1960’s, starting with a combination of Siamese and Burmese cats. The breed was created in the hopes of combining the traits of the two breeds in a moderately sized feline friend.


Today’s Tonkinese is a medium-sized, muscular cat with short, silky fur and stunning aqua-coloured eyes. Their head is wedge-shaped like the Siamese, though a little more rounded. The Tonkinese cat ranges in colour, including cream, fawn and chocolate brown. The pattern of a Tonkinese coat comes in three different patterns – mink, solid, and pointed. Interestingly enough, the colour of a Tonkinese cat does not fully develop until around the age of two. Being a rather muscular breed, the Tonkinese cat is quite heavy, weighing from six to 12 pounds or more. Another trademark characteristic of the breed is its distinctive oval paws.


The friendly demeanor of the Tonkinese is what makes it such a popular breed of cat. They are an extremely loving, active and playful breed, and really enjoy the company of their human companions. This breed is great for anyone with children, dogs, or other cats, as they get along well with everyone. Although Tonkinese are very friendly and loving, they can be rather mischievous. They are known for engaging in hide and seek with other cats or even their owners, as well as trying to break into wherever the treats are being kept. Due to their social and playful nature, Tonkinese cats do not like to be left home alone. Owners of this breed are advised to get their cat a feline friend to keep them busy throughout the day, as they are known to get bored easily.


If your’e looking for a lap cat who will provide you with unconditional love and entertainment, this is your breed! Let us know in the comments if you have a Tonkinese!

Tonkinese cat sitting

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