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Top Tips To Avoid Losing Your Cat

By: Alice Sewell

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Whilst we recommend keeping your cat indoors, the worst can still happen and your cat can escape and get lost. Minimize the risk by following our top tips to avoid losing your cat.
Tips to avoid losing your cat
Modern Cat’s Tips to Avoid Losing Your Cat

1. Ensure that your cat is micro-chipped and chip info is up to date. Whether your cat goes outdoors or not, micro-chipping makes it easier to find your lost cat. Remember to update the microchip contact info if you move or change phone number in case your cat is found.

2. If your cat is in the backyard or somewhere else outside, make sure they are wearing a leash and harness. Purchase a longer leash so they can roam and climb trees but you can still securely pull them away from danger and stop them getting lost. If your cat isn’t used to being on a leash, check out our tips for leash training your cat. 

3. Close your front and back doors and make sure windows are closed or have screens. Cats are quick! It’s easy for them to dart past you and out of an open door. The risk of this is almost inevitable if doors are constantly left open, for example if you are in and out of the house during a barbecue. If doors must be open, keep your cat in a safe and enclosed room. We also recommend investing in window screens so you and your cat can enjoy the fresh air with no escape risk.

4. Keep an eye on your cat if you have guests over. Even the most sociable cats can get spooked by new people, resulting in them escaping and you losing your cat. Always be aware of where your cat is when guest are over. If they look stressed or over stimulated, move them to a quiet and enclosed room. Keep an eye on what your guests are doing too; A non pet owner may not see any problem with opening a door or window but it only takes a small opening for your cat to get outside.

5. Your cat needs to wear their collar with ID tags! Whilst many cats don’t like wearing a collar, it is a good extra piece of identification in addition to their microchip. Make sure identity tags are up to date too. Include your cell number and ideally an address and registration number if applicable. Even though the collar will no longer work as an identifier if it comes off, do make sure your cat has a break away collar (we love Hot Dog’s All Dressed Cat collars!) so your cat doesn’t get stuck anywhere or even choked.

6. If you’re having guests, know there will be fireworks or other stressers, keep your cat inside in a safe space. Cats generally don’t respond well to new people, sounds or sites in their environment. Keep them calm in a room with a good place to hide. Also make sure they have their food, water and litter box and a soft blanket. If you know there will be fireworks, always keep your cat indoors at night, even if they are usually an outdoor cat.

Is there anything else you do to keep your cat safe and minimize the risk of losing your cat? Let us know in the comments!

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By: Alice Sewell
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