It’s important to provide your cat the stimulation they long for, but it can be difficult to give your cat space to lounge and play while keeping your home looking contemporary. If a particularly unsightly cat tree has become the centerpiece of your living room, Tuft + Paw is a fantastic company to keep an eye on. Fun, durable and modern in style, we think Tuft + Paw’s selection is perfectly fit for fashionable cats and cat owners.

We love Tuft + Paw for their focus on feline finesse. With a variety of innovative designs for cat beds, dining ware, furniture, and more, these modern pieces will keep your home looking chic while providing your cat with quality. We especially appreciate the thought that goes into the design of Tuft + Paw cat furniture – cats can get ample use out of these pieces, yet they look like modern art to the human eye.

Although providing beautiful items to our cats is wonderful in itself, what we truly appreciate about Tuft + Paw is their emphasis on sustainability and compassion. They collaborate with brands that focus on ethical responsibility, put a strong emphasis on sustainable practices, and are an advocate for no-kill cat shelters.

We especially love how Tuft + Paw can help you give back to cats in need. They offer 50% off when you choose to donate any Tuft + Paw items to a shelter, meaning you can feel good about treating your cat to a luxurious living space.

Tuft + Paw’s sleek and understated style is built to blend beautifully with the rest of your home. With furniture prices starting at $129, find wonderful pieces at – JH