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Turn Your TV Box into a Cat House

Samsung’s new “eco” TV packaging transforms into cat houses, magazine racks, and more

As we all know, cats and boxes were meant for each other. In an extension so natural it’s ingenious, Samsung has unveiled TV boxes that are designed to transform into cat houses, as well as other useful objects, like magazine racks and shelving (to store your collection of Modern Cat magazine, of course).

The new “eco-packaging,” currently used to ship Samsung’s Serif, Frame, and Sero TV models, is made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard that allows for easier recycling in addition to the upcycling of the cardboard boxes for creative reuse.

A dot matrix design on each side of the cardboard boxes allows customers to cut the boxes more easily, while a QR code provides instructions for transforming the packing into the range of different objects, including shelves, small end tables, and, our favourites, the cat houses and magazine racks, an innovation that earned Samsung a CES Innovation Award earlier this year.

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