And we wish they came in our size…

It’s no secret that most cats are indoors more often than not. This separates them from the stimulating and engaging activities that are naturally available to them just
outside their door. Thanks to the creative minds of the Petstages brand, you can satisfy your kitty’s instinctual needs for the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

Here’s what you need to get started:
1. Bring the outdoors inside with the Kitty Camo Coil

This cozy coil provides the purrfect spot for a quick catnap and satisfies your cat’s natural need for a safe retreat.

Kitty coil

2. Get them moving with the Butterfly Chase

Drapes and curtains were once the usual suspects that lead kitty into a batting rampage until the Butterfly chase came along. This bendable butterfly wand keeps your cat occupied and engaged while saving you money on new blinds! It’s a win-win.

butterfly chase

3. Encourage more scratch and play with the Nature Track

With faux grass at it’s core, kitty can scratch and preen with comfort until they are ready to play! The built-in track with spin ball doubles the movement your cat’s gets from his batting, and has a clear top so kitty won’t lose sight of the ball


Ready to create your cat’s new favorite retreat? These new Petstages products launch at PetSmart in October! These products work purrrfectly with kitty’s needs by offering a variety of natural materials, textures and activities that occupy and satisfy making her a safe and happy cat!